Customer facing Display

Restaurants need different tools to manage their counter services so that they can provide customers a wonderful experience that will ultimately help in customer retention and boosting of revenues. A smart POS system is an essential tool that can manage your restaurant operations and can increase the sales of the restaurant. Check out these 5 practical ways customer-facing displays enable counter service restaurants to provide efficient service that ensures happy and loyal diners.

1. Increase Customer Confidence and Satisfaction

Nowadays customers want to be assured that are they getting the same things which they have ordered. For that purpose, the customer display screen is needed. FoodBucket POS is a solution that provides restaurants a complete solution for their kitchen to the customers. It streamlines every step and process. Customer Display screen increases the satisfaction and confidence level of the customers where they can see their order when punched. Moreover, the customer display screen also shows the orders in queue. The order numbers are mentioned on the screen showing the orders in a ready state of preparation.

Restaurant employees can serve in a better way with the help of a customer display screen. For instance, If a customer orders a sandwich that includes pickle in it. When your employee punches the order customer can see the order on the screen and can ask you to eliminate the pickle. Alternatively, if customers need a pickle and screen bumps “no pickle” then the customer can ask the order taker to add on. That’s how customers can be served in a better way and there are bright chances that they will come again.

Customer Facing Displays:
  • Empower guests to view and confirm their orders in real-time
  • Ensure order accuracy, even during your busiest times
  • Reduce waste
  • Decrease transaction times
  • Provide a seamless checkout experience
  • Enhance your brand with a customized logo

2. Expedite Checkout

Time management is the most important thing in today’s world. Nowadays customers don’t have much time to wait. They need quick service. To meet the customer expectations you need to expedite your operations and need a fast checkout system. A good POS system provides restaurants a solution that expedites the operations of the restaurant. It speeds up the checkout process by allowing customers to review their orders on a customer display screen. If an incorrect order is sent to the kitchen, the guest has to wait for their new order to be made correctly. What’s worse, in the time it takes to keep that diner at the POS to either refund or charge them the corrected price?

Another way displays can help in the checkout is by allowing diners to check the price of their order at the time of punching the order. They may be short of cash in their pocket, and based on the price shown on the customer-facing screen, they can quickly decide if they want to pay with a card or cash. Customers can have their payment method ready and your staff can keep the line moving.

3. Reduce Order Errors

Every void and wrong order sent to the kitchen via kitchen display screen has to be remade that causes food waste, time, and money. It also affects your inventory prematurely and causes your kitchen staff delays in serving the order. It can be avoided by having a proper POS and a Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) which should be connected to the POS so that errors can be eliminated. These types of errors frustrate the employees and the customers which causes a negative word of mouth that can ruin the restaurant image in the market. A customer-facing display allows customers to watch and confirm the order before it could send to the kitchen display screen

4. Boost Tips

Because customer-facing displays make it simpler for your employees to provide accurate and efficient service, your customer satisfaction levels increase, and so may the tips they leave for your employees!

5. Decrease negative reviews

In a world where it’s easier for a diner to write a negative review online than drive back to your restaurant and get their order corrected, a fully integrated POS solution can be a lifesaver. When guests go online to read about other diner’s experiences with your establishment, strengthen your chances of them seeing great reviews from satisfied customers. It’ll help widen your reach and attract new guests.

Customer facing display