How FoodBucket Helps Mazzeo Streamline their Operations?


The Mazzeo is located in “Mall of Sialkot, Pakistan”.Mall of sialkot is one of the biggest mall and located in the heart of the city.Being the only Food Court in the mall. Mazzeo have to handle a great number of customers everyday.

Our elaborate menu especially framed to satisfy customers include wide range of Burgers, Pizza’s, and Sandwiches with verity of appetiser soups & salads.This is actually a fast food counter and we have to deal with our customer with rapidity and satisfaction.It is basically a prepaid counter; the customers have to pay the bill before they have their food.At the end of the day the customer’s satisfaction is our greatest achievement and every day we are creating more and more satisfied customers.Being located in the heart of the city, we have to deal with a large number of customers every day. To maintain the customer pressure at peak time we have to deal with them with a faster transaction rate. Slower transaction rate is a barrier between the customer satisfaction and profit.

Challenges of Mazzeo

Mazzeo were using manual billing and manual coupon system. Customers used to pay their bills and we used to make their bills, KOTs and coupons manually. But at the peak time it is become impossible to maintain such age old procedure with the increasing customer pressure. At the day end we have a heap of bills to calculate all them manually.

According to owner
“We always have missing few thousands at the end of each day. We were unclear where this money is going actually?”
Moreover they always get short of stock due to unawareness of stock current availability. They were also not being able to match the standards for their particular food item. Products taste differs day to day because of variance in raw material quantity.

FoodBucket Solution

FoodBucket – Restaurant Management System. The software have the each individual sector Purchase of raw material, product recipe, production consumption and auto update inventory as per sale of Finish products.

We introduce Kitchen Display System, which significantly optimise  kitchen operations. Errors reduced to almost Zero. Average time per order is now being track and can be improved further.
After Finalize preparation of product they know how much stock they have in the inventory. Standards are being matched by providing same products every time.
Our strong report section gives lots of reports to management to figure out the business status. Like stock discrepancy report, production-consumption report, no sale, no stock report, profitability report etc.