Restaurant sale

1.) Clear Image of what you’re selling.

Restaurant sale

What you’re selling must be clear to you’re audience, people should be able to understand at first glance what type of food you are offering. Your brand name should have some specifications in smaller font like burgers , pizzas & sandwiches to clear what you’re brand is all about.

2.) Emphasise Upselling

Restaurant sale

Try out to sell side items like large fries and shakes this will eventually increase your sales revenue. Train staff to guide customers which side item perfectly fits according to there meal. If they ask for restaurant speciality go for the expensive item.

3.) Increase Retention rate

Restaurant sale

A Harvard study of the restaurant industry revealed that if you can increase the number of repeat customers by 5%, you can increase your profits by 25% to 125%. Here are some tips for making a good impression on first-time customers.

  • Train your staff to seek out those first-timers. Ask them how they found out about you, and pull out the stops when it comes to service.
  •  Make sure their order is PERFECT. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Greet them with a smile and confirm everything in their order is correct. If it’s a delivery order, double check their bag before the delivery driver leaves.
  • Once you identify that first-time customer, give them a coupon for a discount on their next order (getting them to come back a second time is critical to getting them hooked).

4.) Active on Social Media

Restaurant sale

Allocate marketing budget for social media. Design campaigns according to the latest trends. Photography of your food products to attract customers. Target platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter for your audience.

5.) Partner with Food Services.

Restaurant sale

Business growth always touch it’s peak when you shake hand with other parties and move further with mutual benefits. Partner up with delivery and table reservation services which will give you customers. If you win there customers they will be yours for sometime.

6.) Measuring, tracking and analysing

A Restaurant is a business like any other and every aspect of it need to be monitored, tracked and analysed in order to bring the highest possible profits. Obviously, the most important thing is to sell and to have a line of people waiting to get served. Nevertheless, it is also important to monitor food-related aspects of your business, like food costs, and overall business costs like permits/events fees and employees costs. If your food costs start to be too high, your business might simply become unprofitable. Consequently, it might happen that you are selling a lot and still losing money.

Try not to lose track of the big picture of your business and concentrate on finding the perfect formula that will bring you the biggest profits. It might be that certain days of the week are most profitable in downtown business areas, while on other days it is better to park next to city green areas. On certain big events, you might be able to have huge sells, but permits and preparation cost might eat up all your revenues, or your restaurant might not be prepared to store a large amount of food. In conclusion, weight should be the best friend of the food truck owner, and analysis his favourite exercise.

By these steps you can increase restaurant sale.

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