Waiter App

FoodBucket Waiter app allows waiter to take orders by simply selecting food categories and items with zero complexity.

Instant bill calculation.

Easy User Experience to understand.

Fast Food

Customer Display Screen

Customer can view the menu and place table top orders and the staff can deliver order to the table and collect payment once done. This mode is for bars and restaurants who like to adapt a work flow model with minimum staff and faster service.

Interact with Menus.

Order right away.

Low chance of wrong order.

Admin Panel

Menu Management

Thinking about menu management? Go no further because FoodBucket allows creating as many as menus depending on the food and beverage.

Add Menus.

Add side items.

Item Modifiers.

Admin Panel

Advance Reporting

Get access to advance set of reports which cover sales, purchases, inventory, profit and loss statements. etc, which can be generated on daily. weekly. monthly. quarterly, semi-annually and annually basis.

Sales Report.

Stock Report.

Customer Report.

Kitchen performance Report.