Payment method & Custom Taxation

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FoodBucket allows you to add all the payment methods and the taxation system that will streamline your cashflows.


Add as many payment methods as you like

  • Cash
  • Online Payment
  • Card Payment
  • Coupons 
  • Split Payments

Link taxes with payment methods

You might need to charge taxes on your sales, and then report and remit those taxes to your government. FoodBucket allows you to link taxes to your payment method.

  • Online Payment Tax
  • GST (General Sales Tax)

auto tax adjustment with payment selection

FoodBucket allows restaurant owners easy tax adjustments.

  • Select the payment method. Tax will be auto-applied on the bill.
  • You may select the tax manually.

get payment based reporting

  • FoodBucket POS payment reports help you to track cash flows.
  • It allows you to get separate reports from each payment method.
  • It determines how your customers prefer to pay
  • You can figure out how many sales are discounted or sold at full price.
  • You can help prevent employee theft and errors

Create the right discounts for the right customers and the right times

Apply Discounts directly from the POS

Increase sales, retain old customers and earn new ones by offering gift cards

Engage your customers and streamline checkouts with a Customer Display System

Build a community of repeat customers

Display dynamic and custom imagery on your Customer Display System

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