Waiter App

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The FoodBucket Waiter App organizes your order taking in the restaurant. It ensures that the dine-in and takeaway orders are delivered accurately through features like order taking, settlement, accept payments, print KOTs, and receipts.

Online or offline, it works at all times

  • The waiter restaurant app helps your waiters to take orders in online as well as offline mode.
  • These orders get synced with FoodBucket POS. Moreover, none of your operations stop or get disturbed while switching the networks.

Waiters get a 360-degree overview

  • Modifiers or special requests, this app lets waiters note every order precisely.
  • Deliveries get errorless. Also, it gives the live status of the dine-in area and order queue.
  • Waiters can perform the required action for each table. Plus, even the takeaways are handled accurately
  • Waiters can modify running orders and menu items by adding, removing, and altering the variables. 
  • They can cover order level discounts, extra charges, and many other item operations. 
  • Besides, order operations like recall order, print KOTs, settle and split bills can be sorted.

Printing provisions get easy

  • This app for waiters allows you and your waiters to print receipts, orders, KOTs, and other important provisions directly from mobile devices.
  • With Bluetooth printer integration, you can print anything at your fingertips.
  • Reduce the to and fro on your restaurant floor.

Your services become better

  • You eliminate the traditional pen n’ paper method and offer prompt deliveries through KDS integration.
  • Additionally, your waiters get their entire agenda in their hands, which results in fewer errors and faster deliveries.
  • You impart better guest services.

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