Restaurant management & Automation system

One Platform for thousands of possibilities for your business.

Simple, Robust & Reliable


FoodBucket is perfect for all business types

Fast Food

Casual & Fine Dining

Bar & Pub

Coffee & Tea House

Café & Deli


One POS to rule them all

PC, iPad, Mac on Special Hardware… It runs everywhere!

Why FoodBucket is the Best Choice?

Better Management

Easily manage all your restaurant operations from one end.

Customer Experience

Provide excellent experience to your customers with ease of use.

Reliable, Fast & Secure

Access everything, anytime, anywhere in the secure cloud. It even works offline.

Boost your Sales

Sell more, save more, make more by relying on just one system.

Intuitive iPad based POS

Get your staff up & running in no time.

Support & Services

Our services professionals are only a phone call away.

Point of sale

Get direct access to all operation modes right from the main dashboard on your Point of Sale.

Offline Mode

Take online & offline orders

Realtime Monitoring

Monitor order preparation status

Manage Hardware

Multiple printers & cash drawer manager


Group specific menu items for a designated printer or kitchen screen

Kitchen Display System

Your kitchen staff does not need misplaced paper tickets or badly written handwritten notes to decipher. Regardless of what the order type is, the kitchen receives the order instantly on the Kitchen Display System.

Ease of use

No need to hustle with order tickets

Realtime Operations

Update order preparation status

Color Codes

Color codes to speed up process

Bump Bar

7-key bump bar for simplest operations

Back Office

Bring all your business in one place. You can easily control various functions of all your F&B businesses like track the live status of sales, stock and inventory, menu items, and more from one extensive panel.


Multiple Locations

Dashboard with multi location support

Track your Inventory

Kitchen & Inventory management

Stock taking

Perform stock taking with ease

Reporting & Analysis

Get details reports & analysis

Feedback Kiosk

Collect customer feedback to offer magnificent service

Simple & intuitive

Do not let your customers get confused

Gain meaningful insights

See what your customers like


Customize based on your needs


View & respond to your feedbacks in realtime

Customer Side Display

Eliminate the probability of wrong orders. It involves customer’s consent before an order is punched.

Seamless POS Integration

It integrates with your POS without any hickup

Realtime operations

Your customers are always aware of the order

Reduce incorrect orders

minimizes chances of mistakes

Better engagement

Also helps customers be more engaged


Choose The Best Plan For Your Business

Setup Your Cloud Restaurant and Start using FoodBucket Apps