Split Payments

Enhance customer experience by allowing split payments for seamless and speedy operations

The split Payments feature allows customers to divide their bill between multiple payment methods, making it easier for groups to split the check. It also streamlines the payment process for restaurants by allowing them to manage multiple transactions at once, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

Split Payment

  • Multiple Payment methods can be used for the split payment transaction
  • Proportional split of taxes, discounts, and surcharges
  • Split Payment receipts
  • You can split payments using credit cards, PayPal, or other payment methods.
  • Split payment feature saves you time and effort.

  • Types of Split Payment

    FoodBucket offers various types of split payments, including equal split, percentage split, and custom split for customer convenience.

    Divide Equally on Number of People

    Split payment is a convenient way to divide the cost of a purchase equally among a group of people. This ensures that everyone pays their fair share and avoids awkwardness or misunderstandings.

    Select Manually Items for Each Receipt

    Split payment allows users to manually select which items on a receipt they wish to pay for, making it easier to split costs for shared expenses like meals or group purchases.