Point of Sale

Extremely flexible, smart interface POS system to meet your precise needs

FoodBucket Point of Sale (POS) is a comprehensive solution for food businesses, offering a range of variants to suit various needs. From order-taking and delivery management to table reservations and dine-in orders, FoodBucket POS has got you covered.



Get direct access to all operation modes right from the main dashboard of your Point of Sale

  • Take online & offline orders
  • Monitor order preparation status
  • Create discounts on the go

  • Hardware Management

    Manage your hardware directly from the point of sale without needing any technical expertise.

  • Multiple printers & cash drawer manager
  • Kitchen Order Ticket setups (KOT)
  • Group-specific menu items for a designated printer or kitchen screen

  • Simple & intuitive Interface

  • Allows staff to take orders by simply selecting
    food categories and items with zero complexity
  • Instant bill calculation
  • Ease of use & Simplicity

  • Track Your Expenses

    Our expense tracker built right in the point of sale lets you track all your daily expenses made from the cash.

  • Manage cash up to the last penny
  • Control procedures to help control food theft
  • Analysis and detailed expense reports

  • Checkout

  • Monitor order preparation status
  • Create discounts on the go
  • Manage taxes & service fee

  • Customer Side Display

    Eliminate the probability of wrong orders. It involves the customer’s consent before an order is punched.

  • Seamless Point of Sale Integration
  • Real-time operations
  • Reduce incorrect orders
  • Better engagement

  • POS Variants

    FoodBucket, the popular food delivery and restaurant management platform, offers various POS variants to cater to the needs of different types of food businesses.

    Waiter App/ Order Taking App

    The Waiter App is designed to assist restaurant staff in taking orders and managing table reservations. The Order Taking App is ideal for quick-service restaurants and food trucks, allowing them to take orders and payments on the go

    Delivery App

    The Delivery App streamlines the food delivery process, enabling delivery personnel to manage orders and track delivery status.

    Dine APP

    The Dine App allows customers to conveniently browse menus, make reservations, and order food for dine-in.

    These POS variants offered by FoodBucket are innovative solutions that improve the efficiency and customer experience of food businesses.