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6 Key Benefits of In-House Online Ordering System for Restaurants

After the covid-19 pandemic, restaurant industry operations have been changed across the globe. Now customers are preferring to contactless delivery or takeaway rather than dine-in so restaurants are more focusing on their deliveries and takeaway strategies. There is a rapid increase seen in the restaurant food deliveries during this Covid-19

By Samuel Moore

January 3rd, 2023

After the Covid-19 pandemic, restaurant industry operations have changed across the globe. Now customers are preferring to contactless delivery or takeaway rather than dine-in so restaurants are more focused on their deliveries and takeaway strategies. 

There has been a rapid increase seen in restaurant food deliveries during this Covid-19 crisis. It has been noted that the popularity of food delivery has increased more than 300 times. It’s now very important for a restaurant to opt for these changes and do its operations online. There are mainly two ways to go online. One is by listing themselves on the third-party aggregator platforms and the second one is by launching their own Online Ordering System.

Over the years, it has been observed that a third-party aggregator platform is not a very good approach for a restaurant. It is recommended that Restaurants should have their online ordering system integrated with a POS system to streamline their operations. Here are the benefits of an in-house online ordering system

Six Key Benefits of In-House Online Ordering System

1. No More Per Order Commission Rates

 Nowadays third parties’ platforms are charging very high commissions. As they know it’s an age of online ordering. Apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Grubhub, and Food panda are charging close to 25 to 30% commission per order. That cuts the profit margins of the restaurant, consumers are also aware of the same and 70% of Customers Prefer to Order Direct from Restaurants, Not Third-Party Services as they are also providing less quantity to the consumers. By having their own app that is synced with a POS System for processing online orders, restaurants can save their profit margins by avoiding huge commissions and they can boost revenue and profits.

2. Complete Access to Customer Data

Information about customers plays an important role in the restaurant industry. Third-party platform aggregators do not share any customer details with their co-partners and in fact, many have been accused of using restaurant data to analyze customer ordering patterns to launch their labels. A recent survey indicates that 43% of Restaurant Professionals believe third-party apps interfere with the direct relationship between a restaurant and its customers by withholding customer data. Therefore, by having its own online ordering app, synced with a back-end POS System a restaurant can manage its own customers’ data and can analyze the sales pattern that can help in making the strategies accordingly.

3. 100% Error-Free Order Processing Rates

An in-house online ordering system integrated with the POS system provides you with a seamless flow where you do not have to ask any third party for updating the menu every time. Moreover, you can manage your stock by yourself and can check the daily reporting. You can minimize your null and void orders as any updates made in the POS System are directly reflected in the customer’s mobile, so there is less chance that the customer can order something which is out of stock which also leads to a positive impact on the customer’s mind. Once a customer got a good experience then there is an 80% chance that they will never or rarely leave for another platform.

4. No More Hefty Marketing Costs!

Third-party platforms are charging too high prices for the boost of your restaurants to improve the visibility of the restaurant on their app. By having your own POS and in-house App you can place advertisements and banners on the home screen of your choice and can promote your daily special dishes and signature meals. You can promote your deals and offers promotional meals too.

By eliminating the cost of 3rd parties platforms, you can spend that on your own In-house App and the quality of food and services which can boost your sales. The number of orders received by a restaurant is directly proportional to the popularity of the restaurant in the vicinity and also the quality of food and service offered by the restaurant.

5. Grow Your Bottom Line

Because in the end, that’s what matters!

A survey was conducted and it was found that there is an increase of 20% in online orders, which means more money and profits. If the App is more user-friendly and is integrated with a POS the user will spend more time making a decision that ultimately provides them with a good experience. It is a basic formula. The more customer is exploring the more chance that they will order. A restaurant can highlight its specific deals and the signature dishes that can influence the purchase. Now that’s the profits!

Take the first step towards increasing your profits now.

6. Greater Reach

It doesn’t matter how big or small the restaurant is, they are bound to the sitting capacity of their restaurant while entertaining the customers but with the help of Online ordering you can cater to as many customers as you can there is no limit. You can reduce the infrastructure cost and can save the inventory cost also by a proper POS system that manages your inventory also. All you need is a well-integrated online ordering system and you are good to go!