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Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs an Automatic KOT Printing System

Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs an Automatic KOT Printing System If you are a restaurant owner then you must know how messy busy days can get, both on the floor and in the kitchen. And if by mistakenly you have served a wrong order to the customer then it’s not

By Arslan Hassan

March 28th, 2023

If you are a restaurant owner then you must know how messy busy days can get, both on the floor and in the kitchen. And if mistakenly you have served a wrong order to the customer then it’s not only that you have an unsatisfied and angry customer, but you will also have servers and chefs breaking their workflow to right the wrong, due to which whole kitchen operations will be affected.

Here you get the need for KOT systems and KDS (Kitchen Display System. Now, the question is what are KOT and KDS?

KOT, an abbreviation for Kitchen Order Tickets, is a note that includes the details related to the table number, items ordered by the customer, and the quantity, which is forwarded to the kitchen staff after a customer places an order. KDS is a Kitchen Display Screen that is located at the different stations in the kitchen. When the order is punched from the POS it gets displayed automatically to the Kitchen Display Screen. Where kitchen staff can ready the order accordingly.

Reason for Automated KOTs / KDS

The restaurant Kitchen Order Ticket may seem insignificant, but it is a critical aspect of the restaurant ordering system. With automation becoming critical in the restaurant industry, having a restaurant KOT that is automated brings in a multitude of benefits. Further, an automatic KOT printing system also enables you to employ software that is precise and error-free. The Kitchen Order Ticket is a virtual means of saving order and communicating it to the kitchen staff. It is not only helpful in terms of getting the order right, but it also speeds up the entire process. You simply install the system, let orders be taken through a POS System, and the correct order along with all necessary details is directly sent to the kitchen. With a KOT you can streamline the process, avoid miscommunication, and speed up your service provision. This article will discuss why having an automated KOT printing system is a must-have for your restaurant business.

While shifting from a traditional to an automated restaurant generation process may seem straightforward, its associated positive impacts are a lot more than one might expect. The various reasons why your restaurant needs an automated restaurant KOT printing system are:

User Friendly

POS gives you the option to punch the orders and print the KOTS directly without any difficulty. Orders can be simply punched into the system, and the restaurant KOT is automatically generated. FoodBucket POS software has a very user-friendly interface, which does not require any special training for staff that makes it easier for the junior-level restaurant staff even though they are not very tech-savvy, to process orders and send automated KOT tickets to the kitchen staff or to send the orders on KDS.

Online Ordering Integration

The most difficult thing nowadays restaurants are facing is managing in-house orders and online orders like the website or any other third-party orders. Streamlining the orders and fetching a comprehensive report is a big challenge. Unless your restaurant ordering system is automated, there is a high chance that these online orders can get delayed or even missed while sending them to the kitchen for preparation. FoodBucket restaurant automation system provides you with a complete automation system that streamlines all your restaurant operations. An automatic KOT system ensures that all these orders are directly accepted at the POS, and the KOT is generated immediately and printed in the kitchen or sent directly to the kitchen via KDS (kitchen Display Screen)

Optimize your Service

In the manual way of sending the KOT ticket, someone from the kitchen staff has to keep running to the kitchen from time to time to handover the KOT that creates chaos ` With an automatic KOT printing system, as soon as the order is punched into the POS, a KOT is printed in the kitchen in real-time. This kind of arrangement accelerates the food service process and also saves time as it allows the automatic capture of data. It reduces table turnaround and the time taken to serve the customers.

This directly impacts customer satisfaction since it takes you less time to communicate, prepare, and deliver the order. In case you are further looking to automate your restaurant ordering system, you can digitize the entire KOT generation process. A Kitchen Display System (KDS) comes in handy in this case. Instead of printing a paper-based KOT, the orders are directly displayed in the kitchen through display screens along with the order details.

Get Rid of Manual Entries

In the manual system, the wait staff always checks and rechecks the KOT. The automated restaurant KOT system reduces manual effort, and thus the labor costs are lowered as well. Besides, it also cuts down the problem of wrong delivery since it contains the token number, which is also present on the bill. This is one of the primary advantages of KOT automation that helps in providing better customer satisfaction.

Eliminate Errors

Restaurant owners can eliminate errors and thefts via an automatic KOTS system. Since you can fetch your daily reports of stocks and sales you can eliminate the errors. The FoodBucket KOT system is integrated with the inventory. Whenever the order is punched it’s automatically deducted from the inventory. So if you know the raw materials in stock, and the ones that will have to be ordered. So, there are fewer chances of duplicate orders, that’s how you can keep a tab on the inflow and outflow of materials.

Get Real-time Reports

You can have complete control over your business through real-time monitoring, even if you have outlets at multiple locations. Live analytics allow you to view the number of KOTs generated and enable you to monitor your restaurant operations anytime, from anywhere.

Hence, we recommend you to FoodBucket- a complete Restaurant Management & Automation System that eliminates manual KOTs and have a fully integrated Kitchen Display System (KDS) which is user-friendly and sync effectively with Point of Sale (POS).