Customers Management

Manage Customers Proactively and Increase Sales by Retaining Old Customers

FoodBucket's Customers Management feature enables businesses to manage customer data, including contact information, order history, and preferences, for personalized service. With FoodBucket's Customers Management feature, businesses can create targeted marketing campaigns, offer loyalty programs, and analyze customer data to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Customer Management Feature

With the FoodBucket Customer Management feature, you can treat your most valuable customers by offering regular discounts and promotions. You can get to understand who your most loyal customers are and how they spend.

Create the right discounts for the right customers and the right times

Apply Discounts directly from the POS

Increase sales, retain old customers and earn new ones by offering gift cards

Engage your customers and streamline checkouts with a Customer Display System

Build a community of repeat customers

Display dynamic and custom imagery on your Customer Display System