Inventory Management

Get a deeper insight into your inventory.

FoodBucket's Advanced Inventory Management System allows businesses to track inventory levels in real-time, minimizing waste and ensuring that popular items are always in stock. With FoodBucket's Advanced Inventory Management System, businesses can set low-stock alerts, track ingredient usage, and generate reports to make data-driven decisions about purchasing and menu planning.

Purchase Orders

You can create purchase order, add vendors/suppliers data, and track stock receipts

  • Create and Save orders for the supply of products
  • Send orders to suppliers
  • Receive products
  • Save information of suppliers in the system

  • Inventory Monitoring

    Manage your hardware directly from the Point of Sale without needing any technical expertise

  • Multiple Printers & Cash Drawer Manager
  • KOT Setups
  • Group-Specific Menu Items for a Designated Printer or
  • Kitchen Screen printer or kitchen screen

  • Inventory Count

  • Keep your Items in Order and always Tracked
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Alert & Notification
  • Keep the Actual Stock up-to-date