POS Variants & Management

Foodbucket is offering different POS variants to its esteemed customers.

POS Variants & Management feature allows businesses to customize their point-of-sale systems to meet their specific needs. With options for multiple terminals and devices, businesses can choose the right hardware and software configurations to improve efficiency and profitability. The management tools also make it easy to track inventory and monitor sales data across all POS devices.

POS Variants

FoodBucket, the popular food delivery and restaurant management platform, offers various POS variants to cater to the needs of different types of food businesses.

iOS Version

Get access to a wide range of cuisines, restaurant reviews, and ratings with FoodBucket IOS app.
Experience the convenience of ordering food on the go with FoodBucket IOS app and get your favorite meals delivered to your doorstep.

Android Version

With FoodBucket Android app, you can easily discover nearby restaurants, place orders, and track your food in real-time.
Enjoy a hassle-free food ordering experience with secure payment options and customized food preferences with FoodBucket Android app.

Windows Version

FoodBucket windows version brings the ease of food ordering to your desktop with a user-friendly interface.
Get the latest offers, discounts, and deals on your favorite restaurants with FoodBucket windows app and enjoy delicious food at affordable prices.

POS Management

Manage your all POS devices from our FoodBucket POS Manager. You can enable and disable any device from the panel

Main POS

FoodBucket's main POS (Point of Sale) system streamlines the ordering process, making it easy for customers to place their orders and for staff to manage them.
With FoodBucket's reliable main POS system, businesses can efficiently process transactions, track inventory, and analyze sales data to make informed decisions.

Waiter POS

FoodBucket's Waiter POS system enables waiters to take orders quickly and accurately, improving overall customer satisfaction.
With FoodBucket's Waiter POS system, waiters can easily access information about menu items, modify orders, and process payments, streamlining the dining experience for both customers and staff.

Delivery POS

FoodBucket's Delivery POS system allows for seamless order management, tracking, and dispatch, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries.
With FoodBucket's Delivery POS system, businesses can efficiently manage delivery orders, track delivery personnel, and communicate with customers in real-time, providing a superior delivery experience.