Pizza POS System

The best POS system for pizza shops, built to offer ingredient-level business insights and streamline your operations on every order

The Highest Reviewed Pizza POS Software

Fast and Accurate Pizza Ordering System

Fully customizable menu system for Crust, Size, and toppings and send the order to the kitchen in less than a minute.

End to End Inventory System

A true pizza system needs ingredient-level inventory insights. Having the right ingredients in the right quantities at the right times is essential in wowing your customers with an exceptional experience. 

Fanatical Support 1:1 On-Boarding & 24/7 Support

You can hop on a quick call to troubleshoot an issue, or are looking for ways to further optimize your platform, FoodBucket offers 24/7 support 365 days a year.

Reporting and Analytics

From daily sales reports, to detailed inventory updates, insights into your various revenue streams (like delivery and online ordering), and more, FoodBucket aggregates the critical data you need to run an efficient, successful operation.

Kitchen Display System

Improve your speed of service, order accuracy, and kitchen efficiency all through one tool: a kitchen display system (KDS). When integrated directly with your point of sale, a KDS updates orders (and modifications) in real time for your kitchen staff.

Take Control of Recipe Costs

Track pizza ingredients, such as dough, cheese, and toppings, by various units of measurement. Assign the appropriate ingredients to each pizza type to monitor your ingredients and pizza stock on hand and ensure you never run out.

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